Video: Capitol press “April foolsed”

Journalists showed up to an 8:30 a.m. press conference today where the identity of #coleg Twitter jokster(s) YO! JBC RAPS was to be revealed. It was an April Fools’ joke.

Progressive lobbyists handed out fliers Thursday and asked press to attend the Friday morning press event.

Groggy reporters wary of the potential April Fools’ surprise found some immediate solace in the fact that an event was actually taking place on the west steps of the Capitol. Though few did not continue to suspect a ruse, even fewer were ready for a show.

New Era Colorado’s Rob DuRay was master of ceremonies for the event and opened the microphone to a series of lobbyists each claiming to be the elusive Yo! JBC Raps. Rappers included Jenny Flanagan, Colorado Common Cause executive director; Katie Groke Ellis, The White House Project; Patrick Massaro, Colorado Environmental Coalition; Carol Hedges, Colorado Fiscal Policy Institute; Danny Katz, CoPIRG; and DuRay.

“People fought and died for the right to vote. Making it harder ain’t the antidote,” Flanagan rapped. “Now they’re out there saying it ain’t a big deal, but for the young and old, their votes you’ll steal. Secretary Gessler just can’t see, we all wanna part in our democracy.”

Flannagan has testified against a number of provisions brought by Secretary of State Scott Gessler this year including one that would check voter rolls for those who may be improperly registered to vote and ask those individuals to provide proof of citizenship.

While in the end the identity of Yo JBC Raps remained a mystery, most journalists laughed at their own expense, even if some early morning grumbles were heard through the mouthfuls of donuts provided by the pranksters.

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