Mobile pot farm stolen: Reward offered for return

No one is saying it is quite like taking candy from babies, but there may be parallels. Sunday night, somebody backed their truck up to a GrowBot mobile marijuana farm, hitched up and drove off, possibly in full view of security.

The owners want their trailer back and are offering a $5000 reward. Could be good timing as the thieves may need some munchie money by now. Just kidding. All parties say the trailer, which was on display at a pot expo, had no marijuana on board.

The GrowBot 2800, a 28-foot trailer, loaded with computer controlled lighting and other systems, is valued at $50,000.

From Reuters:

A pot-growing trailer known as the “GrowBot” was stolen from a medical marijuana trade show in Denver over the weekend, and the owner on Tuesday offered a $5,000 reward for its return.

Greg Childre, who builds custom trailers for a variety of crops at his Georgia manufacturing plan, said the trailer was stolen from the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in Denver late Sunday night.

The 28-foot long “GrowBot” trailer was driven out of the trade show parking lot in full view of security guards, Childre said.

Parking lot surveillance cameras captured the crime, but did not detect the license plates of the Dodge truck that hitched up the trailer and drove off, he said.

The reward is being offered by Wright Group, which is a local distributor of the trailer. Tom Wright can be reached at 303-598-2929.

Wright said he group had just left the show, at 35th and Walnut, when the thief struck. He said the trailer is not insured.

“A terrible event occurred and we’re doing what we can to help by publicizing this sad and unfortunate incident in the hopes of garnering some public attention for locating the stolen trailer,” said Vincent Palazzotto, founder of the Medical Marijuana Assistance Program of America, a medical marijuana advocacy group.

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