Colbert wages twitter war on Kyl-style intentionally not factual politics

With a blistering multimedia blitz, satirist Stephen Colbert is making an example of Arizona Republican Senator Jon Kyl. Colbert mocked him on television to great effect Monday for launching a disingenuous Senate floor attack on Planned Parenthood and later attempting to explain it away as merely “not intended to be factual statements.” Colbert is now setting Twitter on fire with a long list of “not intended to be factual statements” about the Senator, ridiculing in the process all the baloney spinning politicians in the country. There have been roughly fifty tweets in the last couple of days. Twitterati are choosing their favorites. You can, too!

A sample:


As the federal budget showdown raged between Democrats and Republicans last week, Kyl took to the floor to rail against Planned Parenthood for providing abortion services. Republicans seemed prepared to shut down the government over a rider that would have stripped funding for the organization. Indirectly referencing the distorted media campaign waged on the right for weeks against the organization, Kyl said abortions make up 90 percent of the services Planned Parenthood provides. The correct figure is 3 percent.

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