Tea Party ralliers praise Ryan budget and Wisconsin union busting

Tea Party rally earlier this year in Denver. (Boven)

Tea Party and Koch-funded libertarian organizations took to the Capitol steps Friday in an attempt to call on Colorado legislators and politicians to fight against union rights in Wisconsin and voice their commitment to Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget plan.

Tea Party rally in Denver hosts anti-tax minded individuals.

“You saw the president of the United States embarrass Paul Ryan who put forward a very courageous budget that revolutionizes and transforms our system,” Jeff Crank, a conservative talk show host and state director for Americans for Prosperity, said. “And the president of the United States tried to humiliate him by saying that his budget would throw people, especially children, under the bus.”


Americans for Prosperity, according to Source Watch, is a group that was started by Richard Koch, and has been helping to fuel the tea-party effort. The organization, along with the Independence Institute, which reportedly has also received Koch brother funds, has been supporting Tea Party rallies over the last few years in Colorado, and more recently was present to help provide a counter rally to a union unity rally that supported Wisconsin public employees.

“This is our moment, God put us on this earth to stand and fight for the liberty that God provided us and we cannot fail. We have to stand and fight,” Crank said.

Republican legislators mingled with the crowd of a few hundred Tea Party advocates who raised signs and banners attacking the Obama administration for its federal health care program and spending proposals.

Signs reading “Abort D.C. to save freedom,” “Freedom Taxes, Government don’t mix,” and “I love Paul Ryan” were intermixed with others that voiced fear of the creation of a U.S. dictatorship.

Jimmy Lakey, another talk show host, was the master of ceremonies of the event and brought the crowd to cheers more than a few times.

Jimmy Lakey speaks at Tea Party rally.

“If someone tries to call themselves a Republican and tries to pass big nanny state regulation and tries to stick the big nipple of government in your mouth, you call him up and say, ‘I’m still here,'” Lakey screamed. “To the politicians and lobbyists behind me, hello, we’re still here.”

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