VIDEO: Arizona going all the way to the Supremes on immigration law

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer announced today that the state will appeal lower court rulings blocking some parts of Arizona’s famous–or infamous–SB 1070 all the way to The United States Supreme Court.

Arizona’s court battles–and expenses–were among the reasons given by Republican legislators in Colorado earlier this year when they decided not to introduce 1070-style legislation here. Other reasons included lost business and the fact that with a Democratic senate and governor, getting such legislation through and signed into law were dim at best.

From Politico:

Jan Brewer is not done with the immigration fight yet.

On Monday, the Arizona governor announced plans to appeal a ruling against the state’s controversial immigration law to the U.S. Supreme Court.

The state has decided to challenge the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals’s ruling blocking the implementation of some parts of the law – including provisions requiring immigrants to carry documentation and allowing police enforcing other laws to check the immigration status of people they’ve stopped.

“I’ve always known this legal fight would be a long one,” Brewer, a Republican, said in a statement. “But now that this is the path we’ve chosen, I am confident Arizona will prevail.

Meanwhile, in Guadalajara, Mexico over the weekend, Lady Gaga sang for the first time her new SB 1070 protest song, “Americano.”

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