Arpaio deputies arrested for human smuggling

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio would like you to think he’s the toughest anti-immigration cop in the world. Wednesday, three of Arpaio’s deputies were arrested for human smuggling, in addition to running a massive drug ring and other crimes.

Arpaio, known for his take all the prisoners he can get approach to immigration reform, now has three he may not want.

From New York Magazine:

Three cops working for Arizona’s notorious Sheriff Joe Arpaio were arrested this morning for human smuggling, narcotics trafficking, and laundering money for a vast drug ring with ties to Mexico’s Sinaloa cartel. One of the cops, Deputy Alfredo Navarrette, was a ten-year veteran of Arpaio’s controversial anti-human smuggling division, which has been criticized for civil rights violations. After Navarrette’s arrest, a sweep of his apartment turned up two illegal immigrants. Another cop, Marcella Hernandez, is eight months pregnant with the child of the cartel’s capit├ín. She had nearly $20,000 on her when she and Sylvia Najera, another corrections officer, were arrested this morning. Guess when Arpaio started calling himself “America’s Toughest Sheriff,” he forgot to add, “unless it’s happening right in front of me.”

From New York Daily News:

The arrests were a blow to the tough-talking Sheriff Arpaio, who has been resisting calls to step down amid allegations of corruption, misspending and racial profiling in his office

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