D’Souza lights up Colorado GOP fundraiser with ‘Obama against America’ theory

The Colorado GOP last week hosted bestselling politics author and rhetorical bomb-thrower Dinesh D’Souza. It was the second Capital Club luncheon the party has hosted since “moderate” state party Chair Ryan Call took the reins from Dick Wadhams in March. D’Souza told the crowd President Obama subscribes to an anti-colonial ideology that sets him against the unique American qualities that have made the U.S. great. D’Souza said Obama wants to “take the country down from being number one.”

“Obama is captive to an ideology that thinks it would be beneficial for America not to be No. 1 in the world,” the Colorado Statesman reports D’Souza said. “What does Obama want us to be, in my opinion? No. 7, No. 32 — number whatever. He wants us to be just one country at the big dining table of nations.”

D’Souza went after the president in a way that would have made attack-author and leading birther Jerome Corsi proud. D’Souza said Obama was “not exactly” a socialist, that he wasn’t interested in keeping nuclear weapons out of North Korea and Iran and that he is angling to gain control of U.S. financial institutions as a way to decolonize the control of capital.

“My prediction — and it’s a rather startling one — is that Obama’s goal is to take us down from being No. 1. Again, not ’cause he hates us — he thinks that being a normal country would be really good for us. It’s kind of like the coach who wants his own team, the Lakers, to lose, because they’ve been winning too much.”

Statesman reporter Ernest Luning deadpans the scene in his report:

Because Obama doesn’t want the United States to be the preeminent country in the world, “you have the remarkable spectacle of the coach calling losing plays for his team,” D’Souza told an appreciative crowd gathered for a monthly state GOP fundraiser….

At the last Capital Club luncheon, Call hosted controversial social conservative and likely 2012 GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum.

Santorum seized on the occasion to warn the crowd that Obama was going to disappear their country and draw them further from God because his plan was to get Americans hooked on entitlements.

A week ago Vice President Joe Biden launched a broadside against these lines of attack on the administration, attacks that suggest the president is either deliberately trying to undermine the country or is insufficiently enthused about U.S. achievements or “exceptionalism.”

Speaking at the National Renewable Energy Lab in Golden, Colorado, Biden celebrated U.S. entrepreneurialism at length and touted the unique relationship between government and industry in the U.S. that has created a capitalist juggernaut over the last 200 years and become a model all around the world.

“We have the best engineers, physicians, human capital,” Biden said. “This isn’t chauvinism… People say China has already eaten our lunch. I say to them, look at what we’ve accomplished… The American spirit has risen to challenges time and time again. It’s not even close.”

[ Image of D’Souza by Ernest Luning ]

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