Gawker will miss Weiner

America’s embattled hairless self-loving digital exhibitionist congressman, Anthony Weiner, will resign today. Taking nudie snaps of yourself and sending them to Twitter friends– undeniably pathetic but neither illegal nor corrupt– turns out is one of the rare breaches of ethics members of Congress will not tolerate. News gossip site Gawker has been the best source on the scandal and today Gawker writer Adrian Chen lets loose news of the pending resignation with an expert flurry of double entendres we’re not likely to see again for… at least another few months when the next ridiculous celebrity sex scandal breaks.

Well, that’s that. All week, Weiner’s been squeezed by Democrats and battered by Boehner. As much as he tried to hold on, it looks like things have finally climaxed. Couldn’t take the beating any longer. He’s pulling out. (Sorry, this may be the the last chance to do that. Gotta get it all out.)

Update: Weiner will announce his resignation in a press conference this afternoon. This is going to be pretty hard to watch. Hopefully it’s not too long.

Thanks for the memories, Congressman!

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