Video: Udall among most prominent lawmaker-leaders on gay rights

Colorado U.S. Senator Mark Udall is leading the fight for equal rights for gay Americans on Capitol Hill and on the video internet. He released a YouTube for gay rights organization One Colorado during gay pride week and is a major presence in the Senate contribution to the “It Gets Better” campaign aimed at gay kids teased or bullied at school.

“I was proud to be a leader in the fight to retire the outdated and discriminatory [Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell] policy,” Udall says in the OneColorado video. He opens up the Senate video with an admitted but relevant cliche. “I know you’ve heard it all before: Growing up is tough.”

In the OneColorado video he celebrates the organization’s advocacy for an anti-school bullying bill passed this year in Colorado and in working for the nearly passed civil unions bill. Udall says he is committed to “an ambitious agenda” that includes repealing the federal Defense of Marriage Act and passing the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.

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