Glenn Beck wrapping up at Fox, plans to save world at GBTV pay-to-view network

Glenn Beck, one-time shock jock now wildly emotive and popular TV political conspiracy theorist, is airing his last regular show on the Fox network tonight. He plans to stride from the Fox studio after his nightly show to the home of his new “GBTV” outlet to do a post-Fox interview– not with any media talking head but with regular people who will participate in a live Q&A. To hear GB talk about his new venture, it’s going to be typically low key and free of grandiose aspirations. “It’s the end of an era and the beginning of the future,” as Beck puts it. “We’re five years ahead on this…. You’re going to have to think about this outside the box. There is no box that could fit this.” GBTV will be an alternative to the U.S. government, a place where you can “get involved and turn ideas into action” and begin to “turn the country around” and finally “move forward and find real solutions.”

The new channel is somehow going to be more than mere media, it will be a new kind of charity organization as well. How so?

“The thing I’ve tried to impress even on my own team… is we’re not creating a business that will do charity; we’re creating a charity that does business. You know what I mean?” he explains. “Our main thrust has to be to do good. Do Good. There’s too much crap, too much evil in the world.

“I really believe that life is about puzzle pieces. I’m building something where people of like mind can come together who understand freedom and want to change the world… I put together my puzzle piece, which is a platform that will help people link. Now it’s up to you to find your passion and to come and to build something…. Make a difference. Stop being convinced you have to play by the rules of the game… Don’t listen to the man.”

Watch the Beck interviews about GBTV on the web. The new channel costs $5 per month or $10 for premium access.

It’s an ambitious project made to seem even more ambitious through promotional material touting the new technological whizbangery of the platform for viewers whom, the promo material also makes clear, have had trouble for years figuring out how to use Tivo.

Glenn Beck’s Fox Finale Tonight…What’s Next?

You have enjoyed watching Glenn Beck take on liberals, progressives and even radical leftists for the last two and a half years at 5pm on Fox News. From the corruption at ACORN to the Czars to Van Jones, Glenn exposed the left’s agenda and routinely flustered the White House in the process. Beck’s Fox Finale tonight marks the end of a history making program, but far from the end, this also marks the beginning of something even bigger: GBTV.

What is GBTV?

GBTV is a live, streaming video network that will feature a wide variety of programming, but most important it is the brand new home of Beck’s daily 5pm-7pm live show. The place to find everything you loved about Glenn on TV, plus a lot more. Beck’s show will expand to two hours a night, five nights a week and be streamed live in HD exclusively on GBTV.

How do I get GBTV?

GBTV goes wherever you do. From your laptop to your desktop to your iPad, iPhone or television (via a Roku device), GBTV is always available. No more faking illnesses to ensure you’re home to watch Glenn. If you’ve got Internet access, you’ve got GBTV – live or on demand whenever you want to watch.

Join GBTV!

If you are one of the many who have become tired of calling your Congressman and getting no result – GBTV is the place for you. GBTV is not just a place to view shows you love; it’s a way to get involved and to turn ideas into action. The sensational scandals and partisan bickering will be left to others and GBTV, led by the viewer, will move forward and find real solutions. Get in on the ground floor and get started turning this country around – without the help of the federal government.

TUNE IN TONIGHT: Tune in to GBTV tonight at 6:30 pm ET for a special GBTV broadcast and get a sneak peek into Beck’s most ambitious project yet.

Welcome to GBTV. The Truth Lives Here.

“You want to know why people make fun of me for crying?” says Beck. “I actually feel something. I’m not dead inside. Everyone else is dead inside….

“Put your money where your mouth is. I want an Emmy. I’m either real or the best damn actor on television.”

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