Biden enters post-Weiner-era Twittersphere

As Silicon Alley Insider reported today, Vice President Joe Biden officially opened a Twitter account this weekend. This is Joe “big f*#king deal” Biden, of course, so it could either be one of the best political Twitter feeds of all time or one of the most heavily edited, most-often ghostwritten Twitter feeds of all time. Judging by its 23 hours of life, it’s the latter, unfortunately! @VP has tweeted once. He has 11,700 followers but he follows no one.

Being outspoken and gaffe-ish prone doesn’t necessarily make you a bad tweeter. It might make you a very good tweeter. Here’s what not to do: Don’t take preening sexxy Twitpics of your physique, hairless or otherwise, and don’t send those Twitpics to random people on the other end of the tweet tube and don’t then tell people you were hacked when they make inquiries. Any of that would make you a bad tweeter and a general disgrace of a person, if you’re an elected official kind of person, anyway, as you are.

Happy Independence Day, Joe Biden. Be free, start tweeting!