Debt ceiling standoff, Next Media Animation version

Next Media Animation has given the debt ceiling debate in Washington its signature treatment. The choppy digital short has Uncle Sam shopping and handing over his credit card to a giant Chinese panda register clerk wearing a People’s Republic happy proletariat cap. Turns out Next Media writers don’t know that the ironic U.S. “liberal” media only covers topics excessively that it does not take seriously. That’s why the debt ceiling posturing is this year’s biggest political story and that’s why the Tea Party was last year’s biggest story. So Next Media can’t be blamed for inserting this in the video voice-over: “Most Americans agree with Republicans that the debt ceiling should not be raised.” Holy biased animated media! Where’s the polling on that assertion, Hong Kong?

Next Media animates all kinds of U.S. news stories, gaining traction after its version of the Tiger Woods scandal(s). If more people in Washington were capable of shame, the fact that the debt-ceiling debate has drawn the attention of the Next Media crew would end it.

Also, economists and world affairs handicappers take note: the Next Media marketing crew delivered the English-language and Chinese-language versions of the video to members of the U.S. media. How do you say “Quit screwing around and make the damn deal” in Mandarin?

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