McCain heckled by Dan Maes-style anti-UN Tea Partiers

Tea Party rally earlier this year in Denver. (Boven)

It’s angry Tea Party town hall month in America and, in Arizona yesterday, Senator John McCain got a taste of the kind of crazy that colored Colorado’s gubernatorial race last year. The longtime public servant and one-time GOP presidential nominee was called out of touch by town hall Tea Partiers who were shocked McCain didn’t know about “Agenda 21,” an alleged United Nations plan that would see a world government take over the United States by wresting control of its farms.

“First our firearms, then our farms,” one of the Tea Partiers called out, amid the hullabaloo, according to the Arizona Republic.

Baffled, McCain said no Congress would allow anything of the sort to happen, but few cared to hear it.

Indeed, the Gilbert, Arizona, crowd was riled up well before McCain arrived, upset that he had appeared to mock the naivete of Tea Party members of Congress by quoting on the floor of the Senate a Wall Street Journal editorial that characterized them as deluded, as acting like they were hobbits in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, battling the forces of evil.

Asked by the town hall folks to apologize, McCain said he didn’t understand. He said he only meant that the drive to pass a balanced budget amendment was fantasy.

“Is there anything wrong that I said?” McCain asked. “I don’t know what to apologize for.”

In Colorado, 2010 Tea Party gubernatorial candidate Dan Maes became the GOP nominee and something of a national embarrassment to the state party, in part for warning voters against the Denver bike sharing program, which he said was part of a UN one-world government initiative that would deprive Americans of liberty and end in miserable domination.

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