Poll: Swing-state Colorado voters hate debt deal, most blame GOP Congress

Today brings deficit-deal hangover poll data. Public Policy Polling surveyed voters this past weekend in Colorado and North Carolina and found that they overwhelmingly think the tragic bargain was a bad move for the country’s struggling economy and will fail to successfully address the deficit. PPP reports a glimmer of good news for President Obama amid the wreckage. Polsters found that more of those few people who support the deal give credit to Obama and more of the many detractors blame Republican members of Congress.

“With such an unpopular deal, it’s hard to really crown a political ‘winner,’ but to the extent there is one, it’s Barack Obama,” wrote PPP Director Tom Jensen in a release.

The poll found 51 percent of Coloradans who support the deal give more credit to Obama. A mere 18 percent gave credit to Congressional Republicans.

“When it comes to the blame game” Jensen reports, 33 percent of Coloradans who object to the deal fault Congressional Republicans and 23 percent fault Obama.

In North Carolina, 33 percent of supporters of the deal credit Obama and 30 percent credit the GOP. Among those who opposed the deal there, 35 percent say the GOP is more at fault and 21 percent place more of the blame on Obama.

PPP researchers believe the 2012 presidential election will turn on results in the two swing states.

Jensen adds that soon-to-be-published results of another related poll conducted in the two states put Barack Obama ahead of Mitt Romney.

PPP polled 510 Coloradans and reports a +/- 4.3 percent margin of error.

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