American Independent News Network joins Association of Alternative Newsmedia

“We are thrilled to welcome the American Independent News Network as our first online-only member,” Tiffany Shackelford, the executive director of AAN, said in a statement. “Its independent voice is an excellent example of the tireless and compelling journalism other online news organizations should aspire to replicate.”

“I’m thrilled,” said Colorado Independent editor Scot Kersgaard. “I’ve been a big Westword fan since moving to Colorado and I wrote for The (Seattle) Weekly when I was in college, so this is like coming home in some ways. The alternative press has always been known for fearless reporting, often covering stories the more mainstream press stayed away from for some reason. The fact that the organization changed its name in order to welcome us into the fold is not only flattering but speaks volumes about how the media landscape in this country is changing.”