Video: Todd Palin says Sarah resigned to make money

Sarah Palin announced her resignation as governor of Alaska two years ago with a speech so rambling and disjointed it became immediately iconic. She said she was not “wired for politics as usual,” that she wanted to “take a stand” and “not just hit our heads against a wall” and “watch valuable state time and money, millions of your dollars, go down the drain in this new political environment.” She said she was giving her reasons for resigning “very candidly and truthfully,” but no one knew what she was talking about. Her husband, Todd, confronted by an Alaskan in Iowa this week summed up the reasoning more succinctly and more convincingly: Palin resigned in order to earn money to pay high financial debts and to avoid legal complaints. Of course she did! Videos after the jump.

The tape is brought to you by the San Francisco Chronicle’s Shaky Hand Productions:

TODD: “What would you recommend doing when you got six, seven hundred thousand dollars hanging over your head and you got all these people filing [complaints]…

WOMAN: “You go for the money, obviously, that’s what she did. Everyone in Alaska thinks she sold out.”

TODD: “No, when you have debt hanging over your head, you’re making — and you got complaint after complaint.. what would you do?”

WOMAN: “Wait for the complaint to pan out.”

TODD: “You got hundreds of thousands of dollars, all of this debt hanging over your head and that will be there, bankrupt your family.”

WOMAN: “Oh, it’s not there anymore, is it?

TODD: “That’s right.”

WOMAN: “You got quite the deal. Sell out!”

Here’s the earlier Sarah version:

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