VIDEO: Ron Paul calls supporter’s ad seeking Perry sex partners ‘silly’

Ron Paul: Supporter's ad seeking Perry's sex partners is 'silly'

An Austin supporter of Ron Paul wants to know if there are any women who have engaged in promiscuous activity with Rick Perry. Paul refused to comment on the print ad Friday, saying it would provide something “rather silly” with “too much credibility.”

Robert Morrow, the Paul supporter responsible for the ad, spoke briefly with reporter Justin Elliott of Salon, indicating that the organization noted on the ad — Committee Against Sexual Hypocrisy (CASH) — was really just himself.

In part, the ad reads: “HAVE YOU EVER HAD SEX WITH RICK PERRY? Are you a stripper, an escort, or just a ‘young hottie’ impressed by an arrogant, entitled governor of Texas? Contact CASH, and we will help you publicize your direct dealings with a Christian-buzzwords-spouting, ‘family values’ hypocrite and fraud. … Offer not valid for enabling wives wearing Hillary Clinton boots. Note to gay people: If you know the truth about Rick, please QUIT covering for him.”

Although there is no evidence of extramarital affairs by Perry, Morrow claims to know women in August who have stories about the Texas governor, but who are unwilling to come forward. That’s why he took out the advertisement on page 14 of The Austin Chronicle.

Paul, appearing Friday on Fox News, brushed off an opportunity to discuss the print ad, indicating he knows nothing about it.

“I don’t know how something like that qualifies as a question on national TV as if it is something serious,” Paul told host Martha McCallum.

Christian Heinze of The Hill has video of the exchange, which is embedded below:

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