VIDEO: At Florida sub shop, Bachmann pledges to end EPA, Department of Education

GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann campaigning in Jacksonville Beach (Pic by Virginia Chamlee)

Aside from one minor gaffe (she called Angie’s, a local sub shob, “Subway”), Bachmann was poised and confident during her Jacksonville visit.

Bachmann had harsh words for the EPA, which she called the “job-killing agency of America.”

So this is what I would do. I would pass a mother of all repeal bills for education, get rid of all of the unfunded mandates that the federal government puts on our local schools — making it very difficult for schools to be effective. … I would have a very busy day, a very busy day. ‘Cause I first have to make a trip to the EPA and after that, I have to go to the Department of Education because I also have to shut the lights off and lock the doors over there, as well.

Bachmann will next stop in Poinciana for a town hall Saturday morning and end her tour of Florida at a GOP rally in Sarasota on Sunday.

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