Bachmann concludes Florida swing by vowing to repeal health reform

Bachmann opened her speech with a dig at President Obama, pledging to never use a teleprompter and to never appoint a “czar” in the “Bachmann White House.” “When it comes to foreign policy, you won’t see me step one toe out of this country and apologize for the United States of America,” she said.

“By 2015, we in the United States will be paying so much interest to China, we will be paying the entire Chinese military,” she said. “When money drains out of the country, what goes with it? Power. Our power goes with it. Our influence goes with it.”

Bachmann’s formula for accomplishing that begins with eliminating the Environmental Protection Agency, or, as she called it, “the job-killing agency of America.”

The crowd responded most loudly when Bachmann pledged to repeal “ObamaCare.” She said that federal health care reform is “the biggest bureaucracy that has ever been created in the United States” and that “this terrible foundation for socialized medicine” will lead to the rationing of procedures like hip replacements, a nod to the largely gray-haired audience. “I will not rest until we repeal ObamaCare!” she shouted, to loud applause and cheers.

“This is the critical election of our time, on every level,” she said near the close of her speech. “If we will remain that No. 1 military superpower or not — that question is not yet decided. … Will we remain the No. 1 economic superpower or not? … Will we abide by socialized medicine or not?”

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