Environmental group: Bachmann Everglades quote like calling for drilling ‘under Space Mountain’

GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann campaigning in Jacksonville Beach (Pic by Virginia Chamlee)

Jerry Karnas, communications director for the Everglades Foundation, says that drilling in the Everglades wouldn’t even be economically viable, as there really isn’t oil within Everglades proper and the little oil available in surrounding areas is of a very low quality.

“There’s no way that it would work, under current law,” he says. “There’s no path to drilling more in any of these areas, and no way you’ll drill in the Everglades. It’s not a serious policy proposition.” Karnas says that Bachmann was likely trying to pander to a crowd that has come to associate the Environmental Protection Agency with killing jobs, a claim often made by many in the GOP. During a recent stop in Jacksonville, Bachmann promised to “turn out the lights and lock the doors” at the EPA, should she be elected.

“It’s the same thing as saying, ‘Let’s drill under Space Mountain, in Disney World,’” Karnas says. “She’s conflating things.”

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