Pro-life Musgrave group attacks Obama for rescuing NH family-planning services

Anti-abortion group Susan B. Anthony List this week launched a video campaign against President Obama based on the administration’s move to shore up family planning services in New Hampshire. Social conservatives on the state’s executive council earlier stripped $1.8 million in federal funding from Planned Parenthood affiliates there. New Hampshire officials informed the Obama administration that, in failing to provide key women’s health services, the state was violating federal law.

In the 49-second video, an animated Obama appears drinking and smirking at a bar party:

He was the most popular guy at the party. Big smiles and tall tales. But the longer he stayed, the less he’s liked. First, the small businessmen left him. Then, union workers, college kids, and soccer moms. But through it all, one friend has stuck with Barack Obama: the abortion providers. And his dedication knows no bounds. For them, he promised to shut down the entire federal government. Threatened to slash Medicaid for the poor in Indiana. Even offered to pay for abortion clinics in New Hampshire…with our federal tax dollars. Barack Obama and Planned Parenthood. They won’t stop…until America turns off the music.

Responding to requests from New Hampshire officials, the federal government recently committed to paying Planned Parenthood of Northern New England to provide the mandated family-planning services New Hampshire lost after the executive council vote.

According to the Associated Press, state health officials asked the feds to step in after they failed to find contractors to provide all the non-abortion family-planning services offered by the state’s six defunded Planned Parenthood clinics. Reuters reported that it was the state’s Department of Health and Human Services commissioner who alerted the Obama administration that the state was violating federal rules that required family-planning services be provided statewide. Roughly 4,000 New Hampshire women had their health care services “disrupted” after the executive council initially canceled Planned Parenthood’s contract in June.

Former Colorado Congresswoman Marilyn Musgrave, an arch social conservative Republican who lost to Democrat Betsy Markey the year Obama was elected to office, joined SBA List as a spokesperson after her defeat. Musgrave often appears in states where the organization is waging political battles. President Marjorie Dannenfelser has called the federal actions in New Hampshire “government by fiat.” SBA List has raised funds on the message that encouraging states to restrict uninsured women’s access to family-planning and reproductive-health services will reduce abortions.

The group has shaped family planning policy debate among the 2012 GOP presidential candidates. Several of the candidates have signed the group’s controversial anti-abortion-rights pledge.

As of June, the Susan B Anthony List Inc. Candidate Fund had banked roughly $13,000.

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