VIDEO: Occupy movement is building communities around the world

Occupy Wall Street and its many offshoots including Occupy Denver have gone beyond the curiosity stage. They’ve spawned similar demonstrations and occupations all over the world. They’ve become a subject for discussion, from current events classes in high schools to Tuesday evening’s GOP presidential debate.

Around the country and around the world, mayors, governors and police departments are all searching for the proper balance between tolerance, support and law enforcement.

In an interview with Free Speech TV, American Independent News Network publisher Hanaa Rifaey says the Occupation has also become something more than simply a protest. She says cities around the country are seeing these gatherings become communities, with food service, health care and even educational classes growing organically to serve these intentional communities.

The American Independent News Network is the parent organization of The Colorado Independent.

This is how Rifaey was introduced on the news show:

It’s been one month since the Occupy Wall Street movement first began. Since then, the demonstrations have gone global, gaining momentum and continuing to crop up in cities across the nation. Hanaa Rifaey, publisher for the American Independent News Network gives insight to the demonstrations.

While Herman Cain drew applause from the GOP debate crowd when he panned the movement, even some Tea Party types are starting to warm up to the movement.

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