VIDEO: Bachmann opposes any forgiveness of student loans

In a speech Thursday at the Commonwealth Club of California, U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann batted down suggestions of student loan and debt forgiveness that have come out of the Occupy Wall Street movement, saying the movement isn’t offering permanent solutions.

“The Occupy Wall Street, much of the calls have been coming for more government spending and more government involvement in people’s lives,” Bachmann said in a video posted by the Bay Citizen.”The Tea Party movement, in high contrast, is calling for less government and less spending.”

Bachmann defined the Occupy movement’s approach as ”government-directed solutions based on temporary gimmicks,” while she said the tea party pushes “permanent solutions driven from the private sector,” according to the Oakland Tribune.

She also said there’s a difference in the cleanliness of the two movements: “The Tea Party picks up its trash after it has a demonstration.”