Michael Moore in Denver on why the GOP champions vote suppression

There is only one reason right-wing politicians around the country–including Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler–are introducing bills and otherwise taking steps to reduce the number of people who vote, filmmaker Michael Moore told a standing room only crowd at the University of Colorado at Denver today, and that is because “this is a liberal country.

“If these people thought this was a conservative country, they would want to put voting booths in every Wal Mart,” he said. “They would want more people to vote.”

Further, he said you can tell it is a liberal country because Rush Limbaugh and most of the talking heads at Fox are angry. If this was a conservative country, he said, they would host nice, happy shows. “They know the country has left them behind,” he said.

As evidence of the country’s liberalness, he said a majority of Americans think same-sex marriage should be legal, 72 percent want taxes on the wealthiest Americans raised, and 60 percent want the war in Afghanistan to end now.

Scot Kersgaard has been managing editor of a political newspaper, editor and co-owner of a ski town newspaper, executive editor of eight high-tech magazines (where he worked with current Apple CEO Tim Cook), deputy press secretary to a U.S. Senator, and an outdoors columnist at the Rocky Mountain News. He has an English degree from the University of Washington. He was awarded a fellowship to study internet journalism at the University of Maryland's Knight Center for Specialized Journalism. He was student body president in college. He spends his free time hiking and skiing.

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