Colorado Dems do the math: What you can get with Romney’s $10K

The Colorado Democratic Party is blasting mega-millionaire Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney for the flippant $10,000 bet he proposed to rival Rick Perry during the nationally televised candidate debate Saturday. The awkward proposal, coming amid an historic jobless recession where voters continue to lose their homes and their livelihoods at extraordinary rates, was exactly the kind of bumbling reflexive move that playwrights and novelists love: a toss-off act that gives away the game. State Democratic Party Chair Rick Palacio has done some math and has come up with a short list of “what $10,000 gets you in Colorado.”

“As if we needed more proof that Gov. Romney is woefully out of touch with Coloradans, now he’s making cavalier bets with a chunk of money that the average Colorado family would be grateful to have,” Palacio said in a release.

The release underlines the fact that Romney made the bet after denouncing President Obama’s $1,500 payroll tax cut for the middle class as a “little band-aid.”

It’s just a band-aid,” Romney said. “All [Obama] does is talk about little band-aids.”

Here’s the shortlist Palacio’s office came up with of what you can get for $10,000 in Colorado:

·    7 months of mortgage payments for the typical Colorado family
· 1 full year of tuition and textbooks at Colorado State University
·    197 tanks of gas/3,145 gallons of gas
·    1,111 New Belgium beer six-packs
·    222 Broncos tickets at Mile High
·    1,333 children’s admissions to the Dinosaur Resource Center
·    24 season passes to Copper Mountain

Democrats are relishing the up-and-down wacky punchfest that is the Republican presidential primary contest. The Colorado Democratic Party has joined the national party in embracing Romney as the eventual nominee and has been hitting him hard. The strategy seems a double winner these days: Romney isn’t loved in Colorado. Hitting Romney hard now will soften him up for the general election, of course, but it could also work to help current GOP frontrunner and infamous loose cannon Newt Gingrich win the nomination.

Recent polls have suggested Obama would defeat Gingrich, the consummate twice-divorced Beltway-money-tainted Washington insider, in a landslide.

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