TPM plays Perry off stage with excruciating video compilation

In 20 years of Texas politics, Rick Perry had never lost an election, a fact you would never guess watching his campaign for president spectacularly flameout over the last six months, stump speech to stump speech, television appearance to television appearance. TPM has made a painfully hilarious video tribute to the Perry candidacy it calls “The Texas Governor Massacre.”

Perry is returning to Texas after announcing his withdrawal from the GOP primary race today in South Carolina, where voters head to the polls on Saturday.

Perry is 61 years old and at times seemed affably addled as he stumbled in debates and delivered loopy speeches. He is completing his third term as governor. Perry was elected Texas Agricultural Commissioner in 1990 to begin his run as statewide officeholder and eventually took over as governor in 2000 when then-governor George W. Bush won the presidency.