‘Cousin Ricky’ Santorum’s family is a bunch of old-world red communists

Newt Gingrich speculated last fall that a theoretical family-based “Kenyan anti-colonial worldview” explained President Obama’s equally theoretical socialist-leaning “denial of reality.” Gingrich has so far let Republican presidential primary rival Rick Santorum off the hook, however, for the unabashed family-based Italian communist worldview that may or may not have shaped Santorum’s American political views.

Italian weekly newsmagazine “Oggi” recently tracked down Santorum’s “dyed in the wool red” relatives in Riva del Garda. His grandfather’s generation opposed Mussolini and his Black Shirt fascists in the run-up to World War II and established a solid communist-socialist family political tradition.

“There are Santorums who would be turning in their graves,” one of Santorum’s relatives told the magazine, referring to Rick Santorum’s right-wing Catholic politics.

Last month the UK Guardian got hold of the story and translated many of the quotes.

“Rick’s grandfather, Pietro, ran the local post office and had strong liberal convictions,” said Maria Malacarne Santorum, whose late husband was a cousin of the former Pennsylvania Senator.

“Back in the 1920s, he understood what was happening in Italy. He was a convinced anti-Fascist.

“The political climate was stifling and so in 1925 he left for America, to work in a coal mine in Pennsylvania.”

Mrs Santorum, who is reportedly 83 years old, said Rick Santorum should moderate his views.

“To be opposed to homosexuality and divorce is damaging. Principles count but in politics you need to be open-minded.”

Michela Santorum said “Cousin Ricky’s” radical ice cube habits shocked his Italian relatives.

“Me and my brothers were amazed at the number of ice cubes that he put in his drinks,” she said. “But he was crazy for Italian food, including polenta.”

Santorum’s candidacy has attracted support from evangelical Christian groups. It has also re-introduced the sweater vest as adult wear.

Some would say Santorum’s “denial of reality” is apparent in the fact that he seeks to put into place policies in the 21st-century United States that would outlaw non-procreational heterosexual sex, gay sex, gay legal rights, abortion and birth control. Santorum also recently told a crowd at an energy forum in Golden, Colorado, that climate change is an international hoax perpetrated by scientists in league with elected officials looking to gain control of the U.S. economy.

Colorado Republicans are attending caucuses tonight to select a candidate to run against Obama in the general election.

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