What to do today: Bolster online independent politics journalism

You value politics journalism, which is why you read the Colorado Independent. Over the course of the last decade, you’ve watched the number of news outlets delivering real politics journalism in Colorado dwindle, even as the larger digital news media universe has expanded and the public desire for more and more better politics information has exploded. You’ve seen how the Colorado Independent over the last six years has become an integral and bold contributor to coverage of the legislative policies and election campaigns that affect your life. Today is a very good day to bolster the Colorado Independent project and help fire up its resources for the election year ahead.

The American Independent News Network (the Colorado Independent’s parent organization) is participating in”Support Your Media Day,” a 24-hour online fundraising event designed to “support and strengthen independent media outlets,” like ours. What’s more, for every dollar up to $12,500 donated, a foundation has pledged to donate $2 towards AINN’s coverage of hot-button women’s health and reproductive issues.

The event runs from the stroke of midnight Wednesday Pacific Time (1 a.m. MST) and ends at 11:59 p.m PT (12:59 a.m. MST). Click here for information on the event, and be sure to return tomorrow to donate.

The American Independent News Network is committed to impacting public debate and influencing positive change.

AINN and the Colorado Independent are non-profits funded almost entirely by donations from readers and supporters. Thank you very much readers and supporters!

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