Photo Essay: DOMA No More

On Wednesday June 26, hundreds of Coloradans gathered on the west steps of the State Capitol to celebrate the Supreme Court’s ruling to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act and effectively overturn Proposition 8, a California amendment that defined marriage as the union between one man and one woman.

In Colorado, a very similar measure known as Amendment 43 still defines marriage that same way.

On Wednesday night, celebrants of the DOMA repeal talked about next steps, optimistic that gay marriage in Colorado may soon catch up to the now national standard.

“Here in the state we call home, we know our fight is not over,” said Brad Clark, executive director of One Colorado, in a statement released after the Court’s decision. “But with polls consistently showing that a majority of Coloradans support the freedom to marry for same-sex couples, we also know that the people of Colorado have made it clear they are ready for a conversation about why marriage matters to all couples – gay and straight alike.  Now, we must come together as a community to ensure that conversation is carried out – as we work to finally secure the freedom to marry for all Coloradans.”

Read more about the Court’s decisions and their impact on Colorado here.

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