UPDATE: Denver Police Bear Down on Site of Cap Hill Hit and Run

Police cordoning off six blocks in Denver's Capitol Hill neighborhood in search of a hit and run driver who abandoned an SUV that struck multiple pedestrians.

DENVER — Police are scouring a cordoned-off six-block radius in the Capitol Hill neighborhood around Josephine and Colfax Streets, chasing down alleyways with dogs in search of a hit-and-run driver whose SUV careened into commuters and/or pedestrians minutes ago, reportedly pinning one of them against a bus-stop bench.

Denver has been the site recently of high-profile hit-and-run accidents. This story is developing…

UPDATE: After avoiding a citizens arrest, yesterday’s suspect for a hit and run which injured three at a bus-stop on Josephine an Colfax is still at large, according to Denver police.

The suspect, who lost control of a Saab station wagon and ran it up on the curb before jumping out and fleeing on foot, is described as a black male, between 5′ 9″ and 6 ft tall, bald and wearing a white t-shirt and jeans.

Of the three individuals injured in the accident, two escaped with minor cuts and bruises, while a third was pinned between a bench and the Saab, leg impaled. In the midst of getting a haircut nearby, orthopedic surgeon Michael Shen rushed to the scene and worked with firefighters to stabilize the victim before transfer to the hospital, according to the Denver Post.

This area of Colfax appears to be a magnet for breaking news stories. Just this morning, as Fox reporters revisited the scene for follow-up reporting, Rosy Flores — in labor but turned away from St. Joseph’s hospital — gave birth to her baby girl Kendry in the family’s van near the intersection of Colfax and York.


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