No He Doesn’t! Tea Party Bows to No Erickson


It’s 2013, apparently eight years into the Tea Party era. So who leads the Tea Party? Define terms! Who are you asking and what do you imagine is the Tea Party? Is it an uppercase group or a lowercase group? Grassroots or astroturf? Independent or Republican? Has Colorado Rep Cory Gardner offended the Tea Party or just Erick Erickson and the version of conservative movement he presently helps lead?

Friday, a reader responds to this Colorado Independent post from earlier in the day, in which RedState founder Erick Erickson is referred to generically as a “TeaParty leader.”

Erick Erickson is not considered a teaparty leader by any of us who formed the movement

Legit teaparty was formed in Dec of 2007 by libertarians
and remains unfunded

Legit teaparties do not raise money to support or endorse candidates and have nothing to do with the GOP or any party

The fact that Erickson has tried to hijack the movement claiming fame by it when he doesn’t even get along with its founders and has even banned them from his website is despicable

Sadly the media goes along with the big lie from fake groups such as TPP TPN TPE etc The are GOP pacs who were formed to make money off our name and water down our message

It’s an interesting time to be a conservative American.