Morse on Giron: She’s Plain Crazy about Pueblo

Colorado Democratic state Senate President John Morse speaks his mind and has endured no end of pains recently as a result. But it’s a refreshing quality in a lawmaker — a Colorado tradition that might include Morse, as well as two current, long-shot Republican candidates for governor: state Senator Greg Brophy and notoriously great interviewee, illegal-immigration scourge and former Congressman Tom Tancredo.

Morse and state Senator Angela Giron face recall next month due to their support for gun-control legislation last spring. Groups hoping to recall Morse say they’re motivated less by the gun laws than they are by the fact that Morse offended them and mocked their ideas about representative democracy when he appeared on Rachel Maddow’s MSNBC show and reported that he told fellow lawmakers not to read any abusive or insulting emails from constituents opposed to the bills. That kind of advice shows disdain for constituent views, the groups say. Morse says that’s a misreading of what he said.

Morse recently spoke to The Colorado Independent about his Colorado Springs stomping grounds in general and Senate District 11 in particular. He also talked about Senator Giron. He said he thought it would be a sorry misstep if the people in her district recalled and replaced her. He said Giron along with the other Pueblo lawmakers are known in Denver for their take-no-prisoners approach to winning everything they can at the capitol for their hometown.

“My name tag does say State Senator. Certainly I represent SD-11, but I also feel a duty not to enrich my district at expense of others,” Morse said.

“The pueblo legislators, though, and Angela who I love, are very parochial. They want to do what works for Pueblo.”

[Image of Sen Giron via EdNewsColorado.]