As I was saying…

I’m told it’s time to face the future. The Amazon guy has bought the Washington Post, which makes perfect sense. If I have to look at news from Congress, I’d much rather look at it digitalized, which also happens to make things easier for the privacy-is-so-overrated boys at the NSA.

I read headlines today on my smartphone. I read the paper on a tablet. My four-year-old laptop is so old school that each time I fire it up, I might as well be switching on my old eight-track.

So, here we are — all digital, all the time — and in addition to the twice-weekly online column, I’ll be writing an online blog like this one, with the tried-and-true Fair & Unbalanced logo (which I’ve used at the Rocky, the Post and now the Independent). What I like about the blog is that, even in the age of Twitter, it’s the best way — I think — for reader and writer to communicate.

In the best case, I talk and you talk back and sometimes we get more light than heat.  I’ve actually seen it happen.

We’ll talk about whatever’s going on. Ken Buck, the Sequel. Sale of the Washington Post. Obama’s Putin snub and KGB flub. The silly recalls. The Mannings’ (talk about old school) rap commercial. TV (The Diane Lane/Hillary/GOP debate mini-series drama, also known as NBC needs a hit). Books (George Packer’s “The Unwinding” is brilliant as a from-the-ground-up look at America’s struggling democratic model). Movies (“20 Feet from Stardom” is so much better than the overrated “The Way, Way Back”).

And, of course, all things political.

Here with my first 2014 GOP gubernatorial race rankings:

1. * Tom Tancredo. Just because I wish it to be so.
2. Scott Gessler. He’s objectionable enough to have a shot.
3. * Greg Brophy. He’s in it for two reasons: Look at the two guys ahead of him.
4. George Brauchler. Presumably smart enough to wait a few years.
5. Mike Kopp. What would a nice guy like him be doing in a crowd like this?

* Candidates who have already announced.

He has covered Dr. J, four presidential inaugurations, six national conventions and countless brain-numbing speeches in the New Hampshire and Iowa snow.