Watchdog on duty

It’s 2013. The political press corps in Colorado is shrinking. The Denver Post, the state paper of record is a monopoly enterprise in a dying industry. It grows thinner by the day. There are newspapers publishing in the smaller cities of the state that do little political coverage or investigative journalism. Many of them have erected paywalls on their websites so that, at a time when these small papers could be broadcasting news to the world, it is as if they are practicing at ceasing to exist as way to prepare for ceasing to exist. Local TV reporters have stepped up their game, blogging and tweeting news at a great clip, but TV news is not enough news and not nearly as in-depth or diverse in its approach or its product as the news needs to be. What a grave situation. What a great opportunity! The Colorado Independent is happy and proud to reintroduce state readers to award-winning cartoonist Mike Keefe, who will do what he wants, when he wants at the site as long as we’re running. Enjoy. –JT

Longtime Denver Post staffer and winner of the 2011 Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Cartooning. His work has appeared in many of the nation's top news publications.