Wiretap: UN dove, Senate ham

It was a big day for talking Tuesday. President Obama went into give-peace-a-chance mode in his United Nations speech, and Ted Cruz read Green Eggs and Ham to empty seats in a faux-filibuster of Obamacare on the Senate floor. The morning roundup:

Obama moves back to diplomacy at UN. New Yorker’s John Cassidy writes that he’s invoking Churchill: “to jaw-jaw is always bettr than to war-war.”

No one much likes Ted Cruz, including Dana Milbank. Via Washington Post.

Yglesias: Does Cruz understand the message of Green Eggs and Ham? In this context, it’s: Once Americans try it, they’ll like it!

Longreads: Social media is fueling gang wars in Chicago. Via Wired.

National Journal poll shows most people do think Washington can do something about shootings.

Breaking Bad: At the Emmys at least, the hero beats the antihero. Via Washington Post.

Urban density in cities give humans more resiliency to climate change related catastrophes. via Mother Jones

Members of Congress are tumblr-ing. And the Awl reviews them with the ironically navel-gazing aplomb of a Pitchfork album review.

Surprise! A guy in Florida hates Al Jazeera America

The DOJ finds that, yes, the Bank of America has racist hiring practices.

Brazillian president Dilma Rousseff takes NSA’s surveillance to task at the UN. via The Guardian

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