Wiretap: Gate crashing in the capital, Coffman ripping in the Sentinel

We start today with a profile of the woman who was killed by Capitol police after apparently trying to breach White House security checkpoints, with her daughter (who is OK) in the back seat.

The driver in the car chase and shooting was apparently a Connecticut dental hygienist. Via The Washington Post.

“Capitol Police officers who sprang into action on Thursday during a shooting near the U.S. Capitol are among the hundreds of thousands of government employees being forced to work without pay during the shutdown.” ABC

Colorado’s swing-district Tea Party congressman Mike Coffman (“Swing district Tea Partier?” I know. I know!) is ripped for his shutdown votes by his hometown Aurora Sentinel. “He has gone so far over the edge that he’s willing to cheat millions of Americans out of badly needed health insurance — and cruelly take paychecks from other millions of Americans who are affected by a closed federal government — and risk wreaking havoc to an economy that is just now recovering from the last government-induced economic maelstrom…”

That’s why the speaker is a hack. Via George Packer at the New Yorker.

Krugman says even the Obamacare glitches are a good sign. Via New York Times.

Gravity: Lost in space in 2013 with Clooney and Bullock (No Hal). Via Salon

Everything you need to know about Twitter IPO (in way more than 140 characters) Via The Atlantic

It’s October 4th and it rained most of last night in Boulder, which led to a lot of tossing and turning, and then the rain turned to snow. Photo by the Colorado Independent.

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