Paul Ryan: Another Tea Party hero become dog

Paul Ryan was the boy-prince of the Republican throng at Red Rocks less than a year ago, the conservatives’ conservative with the Atlas Shrugged budget-slashing plan to beat all budget-slashing plans. He was the man who made Mitt Romney palatable to the Tea Party. But on the Tea Party calendar, that shining moment is a million years and hundred thousand battles in the past.

This today from Erick Erickson, the tough-talk Tea Party strategist who runs RedState:

“Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and Susan Collins are doing their best to complicate everything and shill for K Street.

“I am actually surprised Paul Ryan could be diverted from amnesty long enough to ensure Obamacare is fully funded.

“But he has.”

How low has Ryan fallen in the eyes of the Tea Party over the last few weeks? He is no longer a wunderkind. He is a wrench in the works diverting the Tea Party from victory and he is also corrupt. He’s one of the yellow bellies backing immigration reform efforts and he is spearheading an alleged Republican move to secure funding (that is already secured) for Obamacare, the health-reform law that will bring about the end of America. The square-jawed hero from Janesville with the “6 percent” body fat is now a dog, padding alone and vulnerable down the shoot-em-up streets of Tea Party town.

As ever, Erickson has a preferred course of action to recommend to House Republicans, who are already stuck with the dead-end Tea Party “shutdown the government over a law that’s already in effect” plan — a plan that will cost the country vast sums in the end and that has tanked the remaining dregs of House GOP popularity with overwhelming majority of the non-Tea Party public:

“Keep the Continuing Resolution Obamacare-funding free. Stop peeing in your britches over that Wall Street Journal – NBC poll. Suck it up and fight.

“There really are only two options: fight or complete surrender. If you guys in the House completely surrender, I assure you you’ll be fighting for your lives next year in your primaries.”

Ted Cruz for president! (Until we hate him, too.)

[ Photo: Gage Skidmore via Flickr. ]


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