Wiretap: Teaching Republicans how to talk about gays

Is it too soon to talk about 2014? Of course not. According to the Washington Post, Republicans are already trying to tutor their candidates how to talk about gays. You think word has gotten to Colorado? How about to Ken Buck?

Teaching Republicans how to talk about gays. Via Washington Post

The people who need insurance will save Obamacare. Via the Atlantic.

At least one governor is trying to make the health cares exchanges work — and he’s from Kentucky. Via New York Times.

On the Amendment 66 education reform tax hike, the Durango Herald says, yes, the money raised will be distributed unevenly, mostly flowing from wealthier districts to non-wealthy districts, which is a “feature, not a bug.”

Amendment 66 supporter and major Colorado philanthropist Pat Stryker, who sank $825,000 into promoting the measure. “It’s about investing in our children and in our future. Fully funding preschool for at-risk kids and full-day kindergarten for all students creates a foundation for success throughout life. That same success, over time, will be the basis of prosperity for all Coloradans.” iNews via the Coloradoan.

Sexism and the scientific community. Ripple of hope? Via the New Yorker.

Marco Rubio: Immigration reform in trouble because of — you guessed it — Obamacare. Via Think Progress.

Bob Kravitz: Colts defense ruined Manning’s night. Via Indianapolis Star.

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