Denver School Board race: Ideological, expensive, not viral

DENVER — The Internet’s favorite meme pawed its way into the highly charged and politically divisive Denver School Board race this month. Kiley’s campaign for the at-large seat published an ad on YouTube that has notched 550 views.

This one is likely not going to go viral. It’s either not good enough or not bad enough. It’s hard to tell.

In a dimly lit office kind of room, Kiley’s daughter urges him to use cats in a campaign ads. So he dangles a cat toy in front of a reclined fluffy feline that swipes and rolls around on the desk. Kiley wears a suit and speaks deliberately, repeating an obvious “fat cat” pun.

“When I first started thinking about running for the Denver School Board, a lot of people told me I needed a lot of fat cats to bankroll my campaign.”

Kiley is one of four “pro-neighborhood” candidates running for the Denver School Board. He describes his grassroots effort to save Skinner Middle School. He says he is proud this daughter attends the school.

The fat cat allegations are aimed at his opponent, former Lt Governor Barbara O’Brien, who has raised five times the amount of campaign cash that Kiley has raised.

O’Brien’s campaign notes that she has broken the record for individual contributions in the first reporting period for this election. The campaign claims she is on track to set the overall record.


  1. As far as Mr. Taylor is concerned, he is another politician. He lived in Green Valley Ranch and now Stapleton. As far as Montbello is concerned, the community was not involved. The decision of closing Montbello was made by A+ not the community at large. When we had meetings to discuss this. The decision was already made to close Montbello. These meetings were a farce.

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