Another scary day in the life of Tom Tancredo

hickenlooper monster
As we approach Halloween, funny-man/would-be-governor Tom Tancredo has produced (or his staff has, anyway) a holiday-special video on Amendment 66, in which the tyrant, Prince Hick, and friends steal your money because, well, they want your money.

What’s funny about the video is that this is actually what people like Tancredo think — that taxes are equivalent to theft, that the government is snatching hard-earned money that people like Tancredo (in this case, people just like Tancredo) would otherwise blow in phony money deals.

A quick review: Hick = tyrant. Teachers’ unions = zombies. Amendment 66 = Frankenstein’s monster. And of course there’s the part in which Prince Hick either takes away the villagers’ swords or — more likely — makes them close the sword-show loophole.

Not all the critics seem thrilled. In fact, New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg has thrown in a million bucks to Amendment 66 supporters. Of course, the antigun mayor has given untold unintended free media to A66 opponents. Melinda Gates has also contributed $1 million. Meanwhile, I’m guessing Tancredo can’t even get a distribution deal for his video.

But here’s the funny bit. On the same day I see (via a Kurtis Lee tweet) the video, Bloomberg is running a story on the 51st-state secessionists and their quixotic plan to turn rural Colorado into a separate state. In the story, Dick Wadhams — described as Colorado’s Karl Rove — says that it’s politicians like Tancredo and Ken Buck that Republicans should be afraid of.

From Wadhams:

“Here we stand in 2013 and this party is on the verge of nominating Tom Tancredo for governor and Ken Buck as U.S. senator. Tancredo has made a career out of alienating Hispanics, and my friend Ken Buck, he had a lead going into 2010 over Michael Bennet and he squandered it talking about being gays being like being an alcoholic.”

“In this state, you have all these clashing views that on the surface don’t make sense but from a Colorado point of view, do. People are fiscally conservative and socially liberal. If Republicans can get the topic back on fiscal conservatism, we can win. It’s hard to do that when you are alienating Hispanics and alienating suburban women.”

Could this be true? As Count Floyd used to say in SCTV’s Monster Chiller Horror Theatre: Scary. Very scary.


  1. Oh wow. What a surprise! The Colorado “Independent”, Mike Litwin does not like Tom Tancredo….oh, and neither does that fat, toad of a has-been, Dick Wadhams.

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