Dutch DNA duo helps free another innocent man

The Dutch scientists who helped exonerate Tim Masters have done it again.

DNA experts Richard and Selma Eikelenboom found and analyzed the genetic evidence that last week freed David Camm, the former Indiana state trooper who was twice convicted of killing his wife and two kids in 2000.

Indiana’s state lab had found “inconclusive” the results of DNA traces scraped from Camm’s wife Kim’s fingernails. The Eikelenbooms, who are pioneers in the field of touch DNA, linked the traces to a man named Charles Boney, who was at the family’s home the day of the killings and testified that he sold David Camm the gun used in the shootings. The Eikelenbooms also found Boney’s DNA on Kim’s shirt and underwear and on the clothing of the children. Boney claims he never touched them.

The couple’s analysis of the 13-year-old evidence was key to overturning Camm’s conviction.

“It’s very likely that this was one of the major parts that got him off,” Selma Eikelenboom said.

Working out of a small lab in a former garage on their property in Conifer, the Dutch duo is known for their tenacity at gathering trace DNA from criminal evidence and for their ability to amplify and copy small samples of genetic material in an effort to obtain a profile.

Earlier this month, at the request of law enforcers in Missouri, they exhumed the body of Mischelle Lawless, who was murdered 20 years ago. The crime remains unsolved.

In 2011, Richard Eikelenboom testified in the Casey Anthony trial about a piece of duct tape wrapped over Caylee Anthony’s mouth.

The couple moved to the States from Holland after their work for Tim Masters, who in 2008 was the first Coloradan to prove his innocence with DNA in a wrongful murder conviction.


  1. My husband is in prison for a crime he did not commit..there was also no evidence tying him to this crime. It was a very high profile case, and the police needed a scapegoat..you can clearly see that after 16 months of investigation, they were going no where, and the police were being hounded by many to solve this crime, that is when my husband was clearly railroaded. We even has his rock solid alibi. and all the so called coerced witnesses have recanted. We feel that the Touch D.N.A that richard and selma performs will free another innocent man after 26 years of his life has been taken from him. Please help us. You can contact me at rainystorm295@yahoo.com or call at 1-316-323-9180 I pray that we hear from you..we desperately need your help. Sincerely, Rainy

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