Is Cory Gardner trying to be the new Ted Cruz?

gardner and eggs

Rep. Cory Gardner is the young star of the Colorado Republican Party and is generally considered the party’s best hope (sorry, Randy and Ken and Greg and Scott and rest of the gang) to become a senator or governor some day.

But here’s a tip: You can’t be Ted Cruz and also be governor/senator in Colorado. We don’t elect grandstanders to statewide office in Colorado (see: Tancredo, Tom).

In his brief appearance at an Obamacare hearing  Wednesday, Gardner went all green eggs and ham on us, waving his poor tired insurance-cancellation letter at HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, though he apparently didn’t bring the Colorado Independent story showing he almost certainly doesn’t have to pay double for a new policy. And he also brought to the hearing his Brosurance-kegger prop and demanded to know if Sebelius approved of such hijinks — even though he knew and she knew and we knew she had nothing to do with the ad.

The reviews were not good. The Atlantic called Gardner Frat Guy. The Washington Post called his questions weird. And Slate said he looked like Batman’s sidekick grown up, leading me to wonder, though, if that was too kind. Did he look grown up to you?

Gardner is a talented young guy who should have a great future. I’m thinking, though, he needs a different role model. Because if you wonder why Republicans are having so much trouble in this state, all you have to do is watch Gardner’s performance. And consider, he’s supposed to be the best they’ve got.



  1. Then there’s this from Marc A. Thiessen of the Washington Post:

    “If you like your health care plan, you’ll be able to keep your health care plan. Period. No one will take it away. No matter what.”

    “Obama attempted to move the goal posts in his speech in Boston’s Faneuil Hall Wednesday, declaring that if you like your current health plan, “For the vast majority you can keep it.” Sorry, he didn’t say “the vast majority” back in 2009. He said you can keep your plan. Period. No matter what.”

    And this from a WSJ/NBC poll:

    “President Barack Obama’s approval rating has declined to an all-time low as public frustration with Washington and pessimism about the nation’s direction continue to grow, according to a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.

    Just 42 percent approve of the president’s job performance, which is down five points from earlier this month.”

    Hard to believe that Mr. Littwin, the Prince of Polls, missed that one.

  2. Imagine. The President’s poll numbers are down. The average nitwit could surmise “that one” without the klutzy commentary of Don Lopez.

    Cory Gardner is a grandstanding ass if you’ll pardon my saying so. Mr. Lopez appears to have his behind.

  3. Cory Gardner needs to stop his ridiculous elementary show and tell performances and spend his time trying to help his constituents in CD4 by getting a farm bill passed, by getting SNAP reinstated. It is hard to justify $174,000 a year for the number of hours he spends on constituent business.

  4. Food stamp cuts are gonna hurt a lot of people. Gardner is the one who twice introduced the “Make My Day Better” bill that would have allowed business owners to shoot to kill anyone in their business who made them feel uncomfortable. Like the “Stand your ground” law maybe. I thought it would be easy for business owners to save money by shooting their fired employees coming back to get their last paychecks.

  5. Cory is famous! He made the Daily Show and on Sunday morning, was called-out and dressed-down by Melissa Harris-Perry:
    (See “Dueling Stories about the ACA Rollout)

  6. From the opinion of a 5th and 6th generation CO native….you are a HACK, Littwin! My grandfather thought you were a douche and, I have to admit, he was right on the money. Take your stupid-ass haircut and get the hell out of MY state….bag boy.

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