Election Day Quiz: Do you look like a winner?

UPDATE: We have a winner. Hubert Hayworth of Fort Lupton won in a tiebreak, answering 7 of 8 questions correctly — he only missed on the number of counties voting to secede; everyone missed that — and getting the voting percentage nearly exactly.

His prize is an 8X10 glossy of my prized possession — a 2000 Florida, Bush v. Gore voting machine, with genuine chads. It sits in a place of honor on my desk and was given to me by my law professor daughter when she was a lowly clerk. She paid $1.

I asked Hayworth for a brief bio, and here’s what he offered:

“I’ve been a Coloradoan since 1978 and a proud liberal since the Nixon administration.  I’ll tax the shirt right off your back and give it the the first Cadillac driving welfare queen that comes by.  I’m currently running a thriving prairie dog ranch in Weld county.”

Congrats to Mr. Hayworth and his prairie dogs.


It’s Election Day, meaning it’s time for our first annual Election Day quiz. So get out your cyber-pencils and paper. The winner gets a prize that I promise to have figured out by the end of the day.

1. We all know Chris Christie will win in NJ. Will he get more than 58 percent of the vote?

2. We expect Terry McAuliffe to beat Ken Cuccinelli in VA. Will libertarian Robert Sarvis get more than 5 percent?

3. Does the CO pot tax win?

4. Does it win with more than 60 percent?

5. Does Amendment 66 win?

6. If Amendment 66 loses, does it lose by more than 10 points?

7. How many of the Secessionist 11 counties actually vote to secede?

8. Will Cory Gardner ever tell us how he voted on secession?

Tiebreaker: How many illegal voters will Scott Gessler nab before the polls close?

Second tiebreaker: How many of the illegal voters will be Jon Caldara?

Third tiebreaker (the real one): Pick the percentage of voter turnout in Colorado.

Send in your ballots to mlittwin@www.coloradoindependent.com. I’ll announce the winner — and the winning prize — tomorrow.