Wiretap: The President is sorry and so is 60 Minutes

This is how bad it has gotten. President Obama had to go on TV to apologize for the disastrous Obamacare rollout. It wasn’t much of an apology. Now we’re wondering if he’ll have to apologize for the apology.

The president is sorry people are unhappy with canceled policies despite, he said, “assurances they got from me.” Via New York Times.

From the “No more food stamps!” file: The unsubstantiated rumor-speculation is that conservative billionaire Phil Anschutz is going to buy the leaky teetering Denver Post. Why not? He could probably get it for the amount he pulls in from taxpayers in the form of farm subsidies.

Ari Fleischer tells his fellow Republicans in the House why they have to pass ENDA. (Even though he knows they won’t.) Via Politico.

Did ’60 Minutes’ get suckered on Benghazi? Somebody ask Darrell Issa. Via the Atlantic.

But yes, there is a news producer looking in the mirror in an office bathroom right now remembering the no-really-this-happened-for-real Benghazi pitch, and that producer is washing his or her hands furiously for the sixth time today thinking about the phrase “shaggy dog story” and cursing him or herself and shivering with the thought of it all.

Anchormen are born, not made. Writes Ron Burgundy. Via the New Yorker.

Pew pollster Andrew Kohut says GOP is in better shape than you think. Via Wall Street Journal.

The Obamacare website was clogged up by anti-government hacktivists, man! (Or not.)

Sports columnist Thomas Boswell asks what the NFL has become in the Incognito world. Do we really want to know the answer?

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