Wiretap: The fun bunch of gunnies in the parking lot

In Colorado, if they don’t like the way you think on guns, they might recall you. In Texas, well, it’s a different matter altogether. And so we get the day when a group calls a meeting to figure a way to get tougher gun laws in the state sees another group, out in the parking lot, brandishing shotguns, hunting rifles, AR-15s and AK-47s.

Moms Demand Action gun-control group in suburban Dallas gets more action than anticipated. Via New York Times.

Rep. Cory Gardner has yet to ask if Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Katherine Sebelius “approves” of the Generation Opportunity anti-Obamacare football tail-gate campaign.

[blockquote] “We rolled in with a fleet of Hummers, F-150’s and Suburbans, each vehicle equipped with an 8’ high balloon bouquet floating overhead. We hired a popular student DJ from UMiami (DJ Joey), set up OptOut cornhole sets, *beer pong tables, bought 75 pizzas, and hired 8 ‘brand ambassadors’ aka models with bullhorns to help out,” wrote David Pasch, Generation Opportunity’s communication director, in en email to the Tampa Bay Times. “*Student activists independently brought (lots of) beer and liquor for consumption by those 21 and over. Oh yeah, and we educated students about their healthcare options outside the expensive and creepy Obamacare exchanges.” [/blockquote]

Who would have guessed that the best thing said on Veterans Day about veterans and food stamps would be San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich? Via Slate.

Roger Cohen says this may be the best chance we get for nuke deal with Iran. Via New York Times.

Guess how many Americans favor a hike in minimum wage. Did you guess 75 percent? Do 75 percent of Americans agree on anything? Via the Atlantic.

ICYMI: Krugman on the Plot Against France: “If all this sounds familiar to American readers, it should. U.S. fiscal scolds turn out, almost invariably, to be much more interested in slashing Medicare and Social Security than they are in actually cutting deficits. Europe’s austerians are now revealing themselves to be pretty much the same. France has committed the unforgivable sin of being fiscally responsible without inflicting pain on the poor and unlucky. And it must be punished.”

Sure, you look outside your window and you’re pretty sure everything is miserable. Maybe it isn’t. Eugene Robinson thinks it isn’t. Via Washington Post.

This isn’t normally a space for celebrity journalism. But it is George Clooney. And it’s about being a celebrity. And he is George Clooney. Via Esquire.

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