Wiretap: No, it’s not Munich. Yes, the Broomfield fracking ban will be contested

Every conservative commentator, it seems, has described the interim deal with Iran as “Munich” revisited. It’s an embarrassment to try to sell such simplistic thinking. In the Washington Post, Eugene Robinson takes them to task. Let’s call it their Waterloo.

The laziest analogy of them all. Via the Washington Post.

The Broomfield fracking moratorium, passed by 17 votes this month, is being contested, as expected. Concerns mostly spin around ballots where residency requirements were uncertain and that may or may not have been properly or improperly counted or not counted. Basically, kind of a mess. Sure to add to mess: Secretary of State Scott Gessler’s office will perform a review. The Secretary has no say in the election or in how Broomfield administrators ultimately decide it, but he has decided to weigh in nevertheless, you know, to be helpful. Via the Daily Camera.

Obamacare needs more than fixing. It needs Obama to fight for it. Via the New Yorker.

The Obamacare success stories you never hear about. Why not? Via Los Angeles Times.

The Vatican: A journey from anti-communism to anti-capitalism. Via the Atlantic.

Longform reading: Tim Tebow, will we ever see him again? Via Sports Illustrated.

[ Photo: UK Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain returns from Munich in 1938 with his infamous good news. ]

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