Wiretap: Health insurance industry still less responsive than any glitchy website

Her health insurance rates went up, and no one at the insurance company would tell her why. Her insurance was then canceled. Still, no one at the company could tell her why. Coverage through the Obamacare exchanges would cost more. Yet, she thinks it’s a good deal.

The story of the canceled policy and old-fashioned values. Via the New Yorker.

It’s obvious that it’s better to see if negotiations with Iran can work than to rely on sanctions and bomb threats. Well, isn’t it? Via the Atlantic.

If you can’t beat him at the polls, there’s only one thing to be done about Barack Obama: Impeach him. Via Dana Milbank.

Pope Francis: slipping out at night to minister to the homeless. Next thing you know he’ll be baking wedding cakes for gay couples.

Andrew Sullivan explains how little El Rushbo knows about Christianity and popes (and a few other things). Via the Dish.

ALEC loses donors, legislators and apparently some internal documents in the wake of Trayvon Martin death and stand-your-ground laws. Via the Guardian.

RIP Delbert Tibbs, who, wrongly convicted of murder, spent his post-death-row life working for justice.

NFL rejects home-defense ad from gun seller for Super Bowl. What do you think? Via Los Angeles Times.

It’s got hats. It’s got noirish style. It’s got ’40s LA mobsters. And the six-episode TNT series has got some good reviews. Mob City, via the New York Times.

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