Wiretap: Demand your privacy

Judge Richard J. Leon, a George W. Bush nominee, takes a major shot at the NSA’s domestic-surveillance program, which may not survive the blow. In the Atlantic, Andrew Cohen says that, in the Age of Snowden, Leon “crafted a cogent, reasoned analysis explaining why he believes that the NSA’s ‘Bulk Telephony Metadata Program” may violate the Fourth Amendment privacy rights of at least some American citizens.” Not surprisingly, Snowden agrees.

Does this ruling jeopardize the NSA’s program? That’s the talk being overheard today.

This just in: Snowden says the ruling vindicates his actions. Via the Guardian.

Eugene Robinson says that if we want our privacy, we have to demand it loudly, so that not just the NSA can hear it. Via the Washington Post.

If you really want the lowdown on Harry Reid — and who among us does not? — read Jon Ralston’s profile in Politico: Machiavelli with Malaprops.

Losing by losing: The Republican battle over a candidate they actually liked leads to a flurry of liberal federal judges. Via the National Journal.

A radical pope’s first year. It was a year no one expected. Via the New Yorker.

Teacher pay. It’s not great but it’s worst in Mississippi, Oklahoma and South Dakota.

Fox News will never get it (“It’s snowing in Cairo!”) because the employees are paid not to, but climate change isn’t that complicated. The gist in a 52-second video.

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