Wiretap: Dinner with your favorite Fox News watchers

You’re going home for Christmas (don’t say holiday). And Dad is a Fox News-watching, climate-change denier. And even though you know you shouldn’t argue with him — because, like, what’s the point? — you can’t help yourself. Well, don’t go home without reading this piece from the Scientific American. At least the facts will be on your side. And maybe Mom will be, too.

7 rebuttals to the pseudo-science of the climate-change-as-myth-makers. Via Salon.

Be careful, though: You can sink into a really hopeless place if you, say, return to the glacier you climbed a decade ago to enjoy the experience all over again only to discover that the glacier is now gone, which then leads you to spend months digging into climate change science.

Not everyone, it seems, is ready for Hillary. John Cassidy gives 10 reasons why he’s not. Via the New Yorker.

Why Georgia Democrats hope this guy wins GOP Senate nomination: He wants poor kids to sweep floors to pay for their school lunch.

Hard to say what Obamacare’s biggest problem is, but this has to be a big one: Uninsured just as skeptical of law as those with insurance. Via New York Times poll.

If the kids don’t sign up for Obamacare, it doesn’t matter as you think (hope?). Via Washington Post.

Someone had to invent karaoke. This guy did. Via the Atlantic.

War on Christmas on the internet, (or the ugly business of trolling the trolls): “The bible-thumping-tea-party-racists are easy to troll. They post the most evil, hate filled comments. Then, when they find out the story was a hoax, their comment is still there — they can’t delete it — and they are exposed for who they are. My true goal is for that group of people to [learn how] to fact check better.”

Prison giant Corrections Corporation in Florida paid $10 a year to have someone occasionally “provide cows” to graze its land in order to take a $50,000 a year agricultural tax break.

No venture capital, no office ping pong table: In the enormously wealthy San Francisco Bay Area, where temperatures have dropped in recent weeks, seven homeless people have died on the streets since November 28. Nearly 700 homeless people around the country die from exposure in the United States every winter.

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