Wiretap: Courts celebrate holidays with happy gay marriage rulings

A federal judge surprised nearly everyone when ruling that a Utah constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage violated the U.S. Constitution. Did you hear the outrage? As Jeffrey Toobin notes in the New Yorker, neither did he. New Mexico had ruled its law unconstitutional the day before. And a few days later, an Ohio judge ruled that it was illegal to deny the existence of a same-sex marriage from another state on a Ohio death certificate. Maybe you can spot the trend.

The legal deluge on same-sex marriage is coming down ever faster. Via the New Yorker.

Democrats are having their own civil war. But it’s much more civil than most wars. Via the Atlantic.

Despite everything, Obamacare is still alive and will probably survive. Via TalkingPointsMemo.

And the company that nearly killed off Obamacare before it could get started. Via Vanity Fair.

Krugman’s three money pits: Digging our way back to the 17th century. Via New York Times.